Cel-Fi Pro Boosts Mobile Phone Coverage from Pontoon to House

When this home owner could not get any phone signal in his house Australian Radio Communications found the signal down on the river and fitted a Cel-Fi Pro Booster out on the pontoon and sent that signal back into the house. Keeping with the ascetics of the home we disguised the booster inside a waterproof box sitting under a friendly owl.

In the house ARC fitted a coverage unit that flooded the ground floor with 3G & 4G phone signal boosting the owner’s phones to 5 bars of signal. Due to the size and solid concrete construction of the home we then fitted a second phone booster in the lower level garage. Now the owners can be on a call when driving into the property, park the car in the basement car park, catch the lift up and not drop out at all!


Ponton 2Ponton

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