Intelligent Access Program (IAP)

What is the Intelligent Access Program?

Utilising satellite tracking and wireless communication technology the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is an Australian program developed in partnership with all national road agencies. It uses technology to remotely monitor where, when, and how heavy vehicles are being operated on the road network. The program gives transport operators the opportunity to achieve productivity gains, better turnaround times and increased profits by allowing more access or increasing allowable mass in exchange for compliance.

The way in which IAP is applied, or the sort of IAP applications that are made available to transport operators, may differ between states and territories. State and territory road transport authorities deliver all IAP services under the delegation of the NHVR. This means all operators need to enrol in the IAP through the state they are travelling in and will have to install & service applicable technology in order to comply.

Operating at Higher Mass Limits

While in South Australia the the Intelligent Access Program is voluntary, enrolment in the IAP is a road condition for Higher Mass Limts (HML) vehicles operating in New South Wales and Queensland. However, if HML operators in South Australia are not enrolled in IAP, they must complete, sign and carry a HML Route Compliance Certificate.

Once enrolled in IAP, if you require a permit to operate under HML you will need to submit an

IAP Certificate of Enrolment with your HML permit application.

Other IAP applications

IAP can be applied as a condition for a number of different vehicle types, for example IAP is a condition for certain cranes and special purpose vehicles operating in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

How can you be IAP Compliant?

To stay compliant operators must have equipment and technology inspected annually and keep equipment in working order. Reports are sent by the IAP supplier to the state authority when not.

Australian Radio Communications are an authorised IAP Service and installation agent. Recently we carried out several inspections and repairs for two operators in Northern NSW:

North East Cranes

North East Cranes provides a complete crane hire service in the Northern Rivers. They have a range of cranes for hire, including hydraulic slew, all-terrain, track-mounted, tray top, and crawler cranes. Four HML cranes in there fleet at Lismore are IAP comliant. Being enrolled in the IAP program has removed  the constant application of HML Route Compliance Certificates. Our technicians recently replaced and damaged antenna on one vehicle and swapped out a tracker in another. During the service we inspected the other two cranes and updated their compliance for another 12 months.

intelligent access program


Holmes Extractive Resources

Holmes Extractive Resources operate 5 HML Western Star prime movers in there fleet used in the haulage of large quantity of quarry products to their clients. Being enrolled in the IAP program has enabled them to deliver direct from their quarry direct to the customer efficiently using their own vehicles. Our technicians recently inspected the five heavy vehicles and updated their compliance for another 12 months.

intelligent access program