Do you know the difference between UHF and VHF Bandwidths?

VHF & UHF Radio Bandwidths

UHF Radio = Ultra High Frequency

VHF Radio = Very High Frequency

VHF or Very High Frequency is designed for long range communicating including marine and FM radio

broadcast, while VHF waves travel through the atmosphere they bounce off barriers to reach their destination and are ideal for long distant communications in non-built up areas. VHF is recommended to clients who wish to keep their mobile vehicles connected and is a popular choice among transportation and logistics industries.

UHF or Ultra High Frequency radio waves are much shorter in length than VHF and are typically limited to line of sight. UHF Radio waves are high enough to penetrate through obstructions such as buildings and forests etc. to reach their destination. UHF is recommended to clients who wish to communicate in high congestion-built up areas such as inner city CBD’s and is a popular choice for the construction industry.