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Brand: Digital Yacht
Product Code: AISNet with built-in VHF splitter
Call for Price: 07 3277 0237

“AIS receiver for base station operation with a built in VHF splitter.”

Many ports and maritime offices want the benefit of a local AIS feed to see shipping activity, ETAs and movements.  Digital Yacht’s AISNet+ AIS base station is a low cost AIS receiver designed for just this application with a network port for connecting to local computer networks or to the internet for relaying of local signals to services like Marine Traffic and other internet based AIS monitoring solutions.  It also has a USB connection for a simple plug ‘n play connection to a local computer and ships with viewing software for Windows.  The system also integrates well with popular coastal surveillance software such as MaxSea/Time Zero and will overlay AIS information onto their charting and radar overlays.

There are now a large number of internet based web sites, which offer a view of AIS equipped vessels on a background chart allowing users to check the position and identity of ships and yachts. If your home/office is close to the coast you can also contribute your data to one of these sites, simply register with the company and they will give you an IP address and port number.

AISNet+ also has a built in patented ZeroLoss VHF-AIS antenna splitter allowing an existing VHF antenna that may be installed on the building to be used for the AIS as well as VHF – greatly easing installation without the need to fit a 2nd antenna.  Most ports and harbours will already have a VHF radio installation so this greatly simplifies the addition of AIS.

The sophisticated receiver will also decode specialist AIS targets such as ATONs and SARTs so can also be used for lone worker safety applications around ports using personal MOB AIS alarms.  There is also the option of a version with VPN connectivity for encrypted transmissions for military applications.

AISnet is supplied with a universal AUS/Euro/US mains adaptor that provides a regulated 12v supply from 240v/110v AC mains.


  •  AIS base station for home or office use
  •  Built in patented ZeroLoss VHF antenna splitter
  •  Integrated ethernet network controller for supplying AIS data to online AIS websites
  •  High performance dual channel AIS receiver
  •  Simple configuration via free setup program
  •  USB Interface for simple plug and play connection to a local PC
  •  Universal Mains power supply included
  •  Simple “fit and forget” black box solution
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