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Brand: Digital Yacht
Product Code: AIT3000
Call for Price: 07 3277 0237

AIT3000 is a class B AIS transponder with a built-in VHF splitter. It’s also been designed with the latest interfacing capability including NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, USB and a WiFi server to allow tablets, smartphones and PCs to connect.

Class B AIS transponders have made a remarkable impact on small craft navigation. However, the need for another VHF antenna puts many potential users or installers off.

The new AIT3000 “Nucleus” Class B AIS changes that and incorporates not only a full function Class B transponder but also an antenna splitter allowing the main VHF antenna on the boat to be shared with the AIS and VHF.

It’s also been designed with the latest interfacing capability including NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, USB and a WiFi server to allow tablets and iPads to connect – hence the name Nucleus as it becomes the hub for on board navigation. The nucleus is able to multiplex NMEA data from other onboard systems and then combine it on the WiFi link.

The Nucleus transponder is the World’s first to include patented ZeroLossTM technology for the antenna sharing and a wireless interface for iPad connectivity. More and more boat owners are utilising an iPad or tablet as either a primary navigation display or as a touch screen repeater for their existing navigation system. Digital Yacht also offer a free AIS viewing app called iAIS as well as more sophisticated charting apps like NavLink. The NMEA interface allows connection to any AIS compatible chart plotter and USB is available for MAC or PC users as well as allowing programming of the unit with your boat details.

The wireless interface transmits AIS, GPS and NMEA 0183 data to all the popular navigation apps and software. If you want the wireless interface to also transmit your NMEA 2000 data, please add our iKonvert which is an NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 converter. The wireless interface can connect 7 devices.

Other features include a silence switch option. This will stop the unit’s transmissions while continuing to receive AIS transmissions. It also has an output for a FM stereo radio.

Now works with the popular Navionics Boating App for AppleiOS and Android to display GPS and AIS data on your Navionics charts.

  • Combination Class B AIS transponder with patented ZeroLoss VHF-AIS antenna splitter
  • Full connectivity via NMEA0183 Dual In/Out Interfaces with built in multiplexer for instrument data
  • NMEA 2000 output
  • USB interface for PC and MAC
  • Inbuilt WiFi server for tablets & smartphones
  • UDP and TCP/IP protocols supported for up to 7 connected devices
  • Remote silence switch capability
  • Ultra tough, waterproof and compact construction
  • FM antenna output
  • Supplied with GPS antenna
  • Supported range of apps for iOS, Android, PC & MAC
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