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Brand: Cel-Fi
Product Code: RPR-CF-00238
Call for Price: 07 3277 0237

Available Options

External Antenna:
LPDA 698-2700 12/14dBi
Omni High Gain 698-2100 7/10dBi
Yagi 698 14dBi Only Suited to Lower Frequency Bands
Internal Antenna:
Ceiling Dome 698-4000 2/5dBi
Wall Mount 698-4000 5/7dBi

Cel-Fi GO Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Vodaphone for use on the Vodaphone Mobile Network

The Cel-Fi GO for Vodaphone Smart Repeater is the ideal product to boost and distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal within a building. Supporting voice and mobile internet for multiple mobile devices, boosting your indoor mobile coverage has never been easier.

This pack is ideal where you have reception problems at a site and you want to increase mobile signal both indoors and outdoors using one Cel-Fi GO unit. The external antenna is affixed on the rooftop collecting the mobile signal from outside and transferring it to Cel-Fi GO. The indoor panel antenna boosts it internally (within the house) whilst the MARS Antenna is cabled to the outdoor area and boosts a targeted signal external to the building. This set up has been used successfully in cattle yard, farming and residential applications.


  • Designed for building applications
  • 100dB of system gain
  • Includes external and internal antennas
  • Locked to Vodaphone's Mobile Network
  • Carrier approved
  • Band Selection Button
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