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It was a great day at The Boat Works working on this 47 foot Mono Hull Sailboat called "Reality".


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The VHF marine radio onboard was not working and needed servicing.

It needed some slight alignments in frequency and a repair of the remote speaker  microphone. Also, the antenna was reflecting power quite poorly so an inspection at the top of the mast was required. 


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The inspection found the old antenna was not suitable and had not been waterproofed at all. 

We replaced the old antenna with a High gain fibreglass VHF antenna and waterproof connectors.


"Reality" can now be assured of long range communications with the Coast Guard whenever required.


We can assist with all of your Marine Communications needs. 


We are passionate about providing communication solutions and expert service.


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  Volunteer Marine Rescue - GC Seaway 


The Volunteer Marine Rescue are always ready to call upon if we need help while out on the water.

Their services are vital to our marine safety.

Australian Radio Communications were more than happy to lend a helping hand when their antennas needed replacing at the top of their seaway tower.

At ARC we have full safety equipment and rigging experience.

We are passionate about Marine communications and we can help you solve your communication needs on your boat.

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Ask us how we can help you be connected anywhere

At Australian Radio Communications we are passionate about solving your communication needs. We have solutions ready from GSM mobile boosters to Satellite communications to help you be connected anywhere.

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Australian Radio Communications is excited to now offer Marine Communication Solutions for your vessel.

We are passionate about solving your marine communication needs. From GSM mobile boosters to satellite communication we can make sure you will never be out of coverage.

We have voice and data solutions ready to make sure your safe and social while your out on the water.

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